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The management have spoken


Out of 304 campaigns produced the award for

Discovery CEEMEA Campaign of the Year 2014 goes to…

Geek Night!

Many thanks to all of the team and their hard work, in particular Sten Shepard, Dave Cameron, Hal Loren, Alex Quick, Matt Brown and Louise Barrie.

A great way to start the year.


Coming Soon


Our first documentary short just wrapped in France and we can’t wait till it’s done. Let’s just say: “It’s precious…”

Geek Night


We ended 2014 with a bang, or rather the crash of a photon torpedo, possibly even the roar of an orc (+3 damage). Geeks of every universe we salute you with our campaign for Geek Night on Discovery CEEMEA.  Creative from Lartigue Ltd, then a true comic-con of shot footage: After Effects (care of Sten Sheppard and Dave Cameron), art by Hal Loren and modded library imagery. All edited and graded in FCP X in house by Lartigue Ltd.

Roll on 2015.