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We’re very excited to be working with The Maior Magazine on their Snap Shorts Series. We’ve handled the offline/online edit and grade plus the initial sound design for four of their short films which document entrepreneurs as they write letters to their younger selves.

Here at Lartigue Ltd we’re keen to embrace new tech and our early adoption of FCP X has paid off in spades. Those naysayers were wrong. It’s all gone very smoothly, blasting through the Canon DSLR footage and applying real time effects to multi-cam clips has been a pleasure and we think they’ve turned out really nice.

So far Kevin Okafor and Afroditi Krassa have been posted. The third’s in the bag and we’re just rounding off the fourth. We’ll let the Maior spill the beans on these, but for now you can see the “artist” and the “architect” here:


And if you haven’t already get downloading the Maior Magazine for FREE on the iTunes store:


Not that we had anything to do with the Noma Bar article or intro video in issue 2 😉

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